Rory macdonald
What a performance

by Canada's own Rory McDonald. I remeber the first time I saw him fight in the UFC and as good as I hoped he would be, he lost that fight. Well I just watched him fight Nate Dias at UFC 129 in Toronto and all I can say is Rory is just amazing. He suplexed Nate 3 times in under 2 minutes, controlled the ring for all three rounds, put on a MMA clinic, ruled the ground, and won the fight with a unanimous decsion. The judges scored the fight, 30x27, 30x26, 30x26, so he scored a 10 / 8 in round 3. No way Nate can say he was cheated and should maybe go back to Sacremento and work on his skills, as Rory treated him like a little school girl.

Rory macdonald vs nate dias

Rory can only get better, he is a true MMA fighter. His training started with MMA in mind, he's not a ju jit su artist, or a wrestling artist, he is a MMA artist. He has been traing to fight MMA and has a well rounded skill set. Plus the best news is he is only 21, think about that for a moment. He's 21 and the average MMA fighters prime is around 27 to 30. So at 21 he is already in line to be the next MMA superstar and if you are from Canada you will have another champion up there soon.

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