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and that it shed some light on an issue that is occurring within the Mixed Martial Arts World. There is however another issue that has made more headlines and has significantly brought much more public opinion as to whether or not this particular fight should occur.

If this fight does occur, where will it take place and should it happen right away or shall the UFC let fans salivate over the idea of this “super fight.” I am of course talking about the “super fight” between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva.

This past weekend....

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Here’s my pick for fight of the year!!

Ok I have decided to bring back to life a fight from the beginning of the year. Yes if you have not already figured it out, it’s the Edgar VS Maynard fight from UFC 125. If you don’t remember the fight or saw it and don’t remember I have posted a link to it below. Take the time to watch the 33 minute clip as its well worth it and boy was that....

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To bring a specific event to your attention

before UFC 133 Dana White announced the retirement of possibly one of the greatest heavyweights of all time in the “Last Emporer” Fedor Emilianenko. He has been issued many great compliments over his fantastic career and labelled by most as one of the best heavyweights in the history of the sport and if not the best. According to Dana White, Fedor and his management team had their shot in 2005 to enter the UFC and....

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Let me first say

I love and respect GSP, yeah you may already know where this is heading. Ok GSP is a true professional and a great champion, he is unrivaled in his dedication to the sport, trains like no other fighter, has some of the best boxing in MMA, great skills on the ground, can control the action, where the fight goes, and has the athleticism to go 20 rounds. He is....

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Rory macdonald
What a performance

by Canada's own Rory McDonald. I remeber the first time I saw him fight in the UFC and as good as I hoped he would be, he lost that fight. Well I just watched him fight Nate Dias at UFC 129 in Toronto and all I can say is Rory is just amazing. He suplexed Nate 3 times in under 2 minutes, controlled the ring for all three rounds, put on a MMA clinic, ruled the ground, and won the fight with a unanimous decsion. The judges scored the fight, 30x27, 30x26, 30x26, so he scored a 10 / 8 in round 3. No way Nate can say he was cheated and should maybe go back to Sacremento and work on his skills, as Rory treated him like a little school girl.

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What a fight to start off the new year

Ok if you are old school UFC or just started to watch I kn ow this fight got you excited. But if by chance you did not see this fight you better go watch it as I can gurantee you have never seen anything like this.

Let me say before the fight started I figured it was Maynards fight to lose. Don't get me wrong I like Edgar but Maynard is a big and strong light weight with a great wrestling background. I knew Maynard had alot of heart, just look back to when he was in the ulitmate fighter. As far as Edgar, I never thought of him having alot of heart just determined. Well after this fight I now know Edgar has more heart than any other fighter I know of in the UFC. Dana should be kissing Edgars ass right now, you could not have had a better fight to start off the new year and I feel this is a fight that can't be beat as far as entertainment goes. This is the kind of fight that will get the UFC new viewers.

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Yes you read it right!

I don't want you to think I don't like Koscheck, the truth is I can't stand him. He has a big mouth, talks shit for no reason and has an IQ smaller than his waist size.

I guess I should explain why I don't like the man and what has caused me to feel the need to write about it. I will also explain why I feel this fight never should have been.

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