Passwords and how to pick one!!

If you have come here in need of picking a good password?

You are in luck

Now you may be wondering why you need to put so much thought into a password, I will first explain why picking a secure password is very important and also help you detemine an easy one to remember as well as a secure.

Lets first go over why you need a good password,

For the most part we are pretty safe from someone randomly guessing our password and getting to our personal stuff.

This is not what you want to protect yourself from, you really need to protect yourself from someone you already know or someone thats familiar to you or your family.

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How to remove Check Disk and/or CheckDisk

Not Again

So here we go again, I suspect this sort of program is not going anywhere soon. So we as users need to make sure we are protected and keeping an eye open for this sort of malicious program. The worst part is we really don't know what to look out for right! Well I just want to say this and take iot for what it is. Stop using LIMEWIRE, it's a haven for malicious programs, software, viruses and everything else bad for our computers.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Are you on Android?

Well after a long wait and having no Patience I finally bit the bullit and picked up my first android phone. As you can tell from the image the phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Let me first start with the X10, and yes I will be the first to say it's big. I generally don't like big phones, but with the options here in Canada and rogers I went with the X10. I have only used Sony ericsson phones for the past 11 years and have had nothing but great success. Plus this was the only option with Rogers if you wanted an SE phone with Android. I could not bring myself to buy an iphone as I bought my dad one and remember what i had to do to make the phone fun, and lets not talk about itunes and proprietary hardware/software. Apple has that part of the iphone all sewn up.

I do beleave this will be one reason a person may move to Android. Google did a good job of allowing the user to customize and control your device much more freely. Plus the choice of hardware is getting good and trust me will only get better. get ready for the future because it's here and all we have to do is wait.

I will be adding a full review of my X10 covering both hardware and software, i might also post the directions on how to root your X10, plus explain why you might want to root the phone. So far I have been using this phone for about 6 weeks and still feel it's big, but have really enjoyed using the android os and the freedom as compared to an iphone.

More to come later...


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