Mobile Wallpapers

Started as UFC Based Wallpapers

This little project started with UFC themed Wallpapers for my Mobile phone and I have added several other Themed wallpapers. You can find them all in the link below.

Well with in keeping in line with my passion for the UFC, I have added some mobile wallpapers. All the wallpapers are optomized for the (960x854). I'm sure they will also work on other phones, so enjoy.

Mobile Wallpapers (Click here to see them all)

Desktop Wallpapers


First let me say I love the UFC, and while searching for a wallpaper, all I could find was the large UFC logo that covered the whole desktop. As I'm a minimalist. I figured I would make my own, as you can see the UFC logo is smaller than most and does not clutter up the desktop.

This page has a few other UFC wallpapers, have a look and leave any comments as I love the feedback. The link will take you to the new wallpaer site, just search by size.

UFC Desktop Wallpaper (Click here to view)

Mobile ringtones

Mobile ringtones

Click here

Media Center Theme's

Media Center 7 Theme's

I have made two different meida center 7 theme's. Both are based on the UFC, you can find them here as well as leave a comment.

Media Center 7 Theme's (Click here to view)

Firefox Theme

blue-sky theme

I made this theme as I like dark blue themes and never really found a theme that I really liked, feel free to try it out. This theme is for Firefox 3 and above. If you would like to leave a comment feel free to Contact Me.

  • Install blue-sky theme Downloaded =

Rainmeter TDW


This is my first skin for Rainmeter. Hope you enjoy, the skin is also posted at Deviant art you can check it out here.

Rainmeter Time, date and Weather Skin (Click here to download) Downloaded =

XP Flag Theme

Windows XP Theme

I have an xp theme that had a flag in the start menu (both Canadian & American) and I'm not sure if I'm going to upload it as xp is most likely not used to much. If you are interested send me an email and I might up load it.