Yes you read it right!

I don't want you to think I don't like Koscheck, the truth is I can't stand him. He has a big mouth, talks shit for no reason and has an IQ smaller than his waist size.

I guess I should explain why I don't like the man and what has caused me to feel the need to write about it. I will also explain why I feel this fight never should have been.

Let’s go back to when he started in the UFC.

It was January 17, 2005, the best reality TV show “ultimate fighter” was upon us. This is where we first really met Koscheck ,if you saw the fights then you will remember what name they gave Koscheck 'The Carpet'. Yeah he could hold you down as he is a great wrestler, but after you are down what’s he do? Ok he lays on you like a carpet. Now this was really the beginning for him, so this was not that bad as you’d expect him to grow over the years and add some more tools to his arsenal. But other than getting a little better in boxing, I try and ask myself is he a well-rounded fighter? I always come to the same conclusion, no he’s a great wrestler and has not really achieved that kind of status in any other skill.

  • He’s not a great boxer
  • He’s never became a great jiu jitsu guy

  • I really can’t name one other aspect of the sport that he has excelled at like he did with wrestling. Oh wait faking shots to the groin and being a big mouth, he’s great at that

    Now let’s look at the fight that gave him the chance to coach season 12 of the ultimate fighter. It was May 8, 2010, Koscheck was fighting Paul Daley and this was the fight that brings me back to why I feel Koscheck does not deserve to fight for the title. Koscheck was losing the fight on his feet and because of his great wrestling base could take Daley down and keep him there, I know this is a great skill and I know it was upto daley to defend it. My issue is laying on a guy for a round and not do much and knowing in your head that's all you need to do to win. It's as bad as fighting for a win and fighting a safe fight, this does not deserve a title shot fight. Now when Koscheck had him down he caused little harm to Daley. Ok what I mean is he doesn’t have a great ground and pound and took the fight with a rear naked. He pretty much kept Daley down and if not for the rear naked would have won by a decision. I wish the scoring was more outlined and how does a fighter earn points.

    So in conclusion

    I just don’t like Koscheck and trust me when I say he won’t be anything much more than what he is in the UFC. He is on the wrong end of 30 and with the new MMA fighters coming up he does not have a chance in hell to ever be a great fighter.

    The worst part of the Koscheck Daley fight is, Koscheck was able to get into the head of Daley and at the end of the fight Daley threw the best punch of the whole fight. I know it was after the bell but still the best punch of the fight. Bad news is Dana fired him for it and now we won’t get to see Daley in the ring. In my opinion Dana should have fined him and forced him to make a public apology. I watch this with my 2 boy’s, they are 5 and 7. When Daley punched Koscheck my 7 year old jumped up and said yes. When I told him this was wrong he said I know but why was the blonde guy faking how much it hurt and not fighting like a real fighter. I explained the guy who owns the UFC thought it best to fire him. My son then said, that’s not nice he should get another chance. You know what dad he’s not a daddy right, if he was a dad he would know it’s ok to make a mistake you just have to get a timeout and not do it again right. My response to his 7 year old wisdom was, yes you are right.

    I’m going to leave you with the thoughts of Koscheck as said by Dana White.

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