What a fight to start off the new year

Ok if you are old school UFC or just started to watch I know this fight got you excited. But if by chance you did not see this fight you better go watch it, as I can gurantee you have never seen anything like this in a while.

Let me say before the fight started I figured it was Maynards fight to lose. Don't get me wrong I like Edgar but Maynard is a big and strong light weight with a great wrestling background. I knew Maynard had alot of heart, just look back to when he was in the ulitmate fighter. As far as Edgar, I never thought of him having alot of heart just determined. Well after this fight I now know Edgar has more heart than any other fighter I know of in the UFC. Dana should be kissing Edgars ass right now, you could not have had a better fight to start off the new year and I feel this is a fight that can't be beat as far as entertainment goes. This is the kind of fight that will get the UFC new viewers.

I feel dizzy!!!

Ok the bell rings and off we go.

Starts off as any other fight with both fighters dojng a little bit of touch and feel and then Maynard does a little more than touch and lands a bomb. Edgars feels the power of Maynard and stumbles, in the mean time Maynard smells blood and comes in for the kill. With a flurry of punches and a relentless onslought of punishment, Maynard keeps the pressure on. At this time I'm just waiting for the fight to end and listen to Joe talk to Maynard to discuss how he won the fight. Well this is where your mind goes no way this is not happenning how is he still in this, meaning edgar. His legs are like rubber, hands are low, eyes are all over the place and edgar is just holding on. Well he makes it through the first round and at this point I can't believe what I have just seen. The last time I saw a fighter do this was when Hollyfield (boxing) took a beating, hollyfield used the ropes to hold himself up to only come back and win that fight. So here we are Edgar is not giving up, he refuses to lose in the first round.

Ok I won't spoil the rest of the fight for you few people that have not seen it, but I will leave you with this one thought. I have always believed that the champ needs to be beat pretty bad to lose a fight if it goes to the judges. One dominate round does not win a fight. no matter how dominate it was.

So go do yourself a favor and watch the fight

I feel the need to remind you all how good this fight was, so you can watch it below. Enjoy!

Check out this link and vote, I have added a page to allow us to vote for fight of the year.

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